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Want more happiness? Want more connection in your relationships? Want more self-confidence? You’re not alone. I will teach you how to think in a way that generates incredible results. 

Take action to elevate your life.

Want more happiness? Want more connection in your relationships? Want more self confidence? Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, stressed or anxious? You’re not alone. We aren’t taught how to think and feel in a way that generates incredible results. That’s what I teach! Want to learn?


Hello Friends

Hi, I’m Erin, a Certified Life Coach. My husband, Jared, and I have seven kids. We blended our family in 2010 and had a child together. Blending two families has been harder than I ever thought it would be; yet, so much richer, happier, and full of laughter because of life coaching. I apply all the tools I have learned to myself because I want all the happiness and love life has to offer.

I’m passionate about empowering others to be deliberate creators of their lives and help them realize their infinite worth! Interested in joining me on the journey?


Enhance every relationship in your life

Want the relationship of your dreams? Want more connection in your marriage? Nothing is too big or too small to overcome. Each step you take with me brings you closer to creating your best life! 


Real clients

I was having the hardest time with my daughter, who is 10 years old. She was always mad at me for everything I did. My first conversation with Erin was an eye opener. She not only gave me great advice, she gave me skills to help with the situation. Every time I come to Erin with a problem, big or small, she helps walk me through it and gives me tools to overcome the issue. I think everyone needs a life coach in their lives and Erin is the best.
Julia n.
Working with Erin has truly been a rewarding experience. I will never forget the first time she enabled me to see that hope was an option in a situation I had only felt despair for years. She helped me recognize how my thinking was directly related to the results I was getting. After exhausting all the resources on my own trying to implement change, it wasn’t until working with Erin that I started getting to a place that felt great.
Nicole C.
My time working with Erin has been so transformative. The internal work is not always easy, but the tools she has given me have been invaluable! Having someone like her who provides ways of dealing with obstacles that come my way has made all the difference. The thought training and the positive reinforcement has begun to shape my life in subtle, but noticeable ways. I can’t recommend her enough.
Chad A.

All problems start with a thought...

Learning how to feel, process, and release emotion is one of the most important skills you can develop. I’ll teach you!

Ready for thought training?

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